Google Glass Experience - The Invitation

Google Glass Experience

The Invitation


When I read that Google has an open waiting list to get Glass Explorer Edition I just clicked the link, fill the form and thought “Lets think about it when they send me an invitation, if they ever do it”, less than two months later… I received an email from glass-support saying “Hi there”, and was just time to begin to think about it. First of all the high price tag to try the ultimate gadget as a prototype, a very mass-distribute one, $1500, the chance to buy it last just one week, no pressure right, the research began, reviews from developers, forums about it, web articles from Techcrunch to the New York Times, they listed all the Glass features and possibilities in the near future, new apps dedicated to Glass, but just guessing about a date for public release, how much will cost, its worth it? Them I check eBay and I found the final push to get my Glass, some headsets were for sale higher than the original cost, so maybe I can try it on and resell it later if I don't fell in love with the Glass, the catch, sell the device before will be available for everyone at a lower cost, decisions, all it takes were a couple of days before I clicked the link with my code, sign in with my Google account and bought it, just two more days and the headset was already in my hands, was exciting just open the box and unpackaged the Glass ”Its here”, “Let’s get started”, the basic setup was about 10 min, time to look through the Glass. be continued